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UPDATE: ALL SONGS FROM THE MOVIE NOW AVAILABLE – The hit HBO show Entourage was almost as popular for the music it featured as it was for the actual show itself. Week after week fans would tune in to catch up with Vince and the boys and eagerly await the new episode’s playlist. The soundtrack to the show played an integral part in it’s success. Early on, the show creators realized how important the music was and seemingly held nothing back when paying for the rights of the songs chosen by music supervisor, Scott Vener. The show drew an especially big following for the end credits songs, which always seemed to leave the viewers wanting more. Find a full list of all songs from Entourage by season and episode below.


Entourage Episode Song Guide

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Entourage Soundtrack

The show released 1 official Entourage Soundtrack back in 2007. Hard to imagine getting the right songs on the soundtrack when there is so much good music in the show. The soundtrack received some critism for that and I imagine that’s why they didn’t release a second. Here is the complete Entourage soundtrack release from 2007:

Entourage: Music from and Inspired By the Hit HBO Original Series

Entourage songs is the complete music guide to the TV show Entourage. Find complete episode song lists, theme song, end credits songs, Entourage soundtracks and more.