When it comes to TV commercials, there are few who do it better than Nike. They have a knack for making us want to go out there and workout. To demonstrate their motivational prowess we decided to compile the top 8 ads that used songs to make their visuals all the more persuasive. Feeling a little low on energy? Need a little motivation to get out there and workout? Here’s the perfect playlist to get you moving courtesy of the Swoosh people:

#8 Second Coming by Juelz Santana – Nike – ‘Second Coming’

Good song to get us started on our Nike ad songs list. It’s a nice workout song – the strings really give it a sense of grandness.

Song : The Second Coming

Artist: Juelz Santana feat. Just Blaze

#7 Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution by AC/DC – Nike – ‘Awake’

Morning workout music can be tricky. The song in this Nike ad seems to fit the morning mood just right.

Song : Rock N Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

Artist: AC/DC

#6 Ali In The Jungle by The Hours – Nike – ‘Human Chain’

A great beat or tempo to a song can be more than enough to get you going. It’s also helpful when the lyrics give you a little extra push.

Song : Ali In The Jungle

Artist: The Hours

#5 The Power Is On by The Go! Team – Nike HK

While we’re on the topic of good beats and tempos, here’s a song by The Go! Team that has both.

Song : The Power Is On

Artist: The Go! Team

#4 All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers – Nike – ‘Courage’

The part of the song used in this ad is most definitely worthy of being on this list. However the entire song isn’t as inspired but on this part alone, we give it our #4 spot in our Nike ad songs list.

Song : All These Things That I’ve Done

Artist: The Killers

#3 Promontory by Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones – Nike – ‘Leave Nothing’

After seeing this commercial, anytime we watch Last of The Mohicans, we want to be like Sean Merriman and Steven Jackson. That’s bad-ass.

Song : Promontory

Artist: Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones

#2 Salute Your Solution by The Raconteurs – Nike – ‘Boom’

Play this song during the last minute of your workout for that extra bit of intensity and scream out a solid congratulatory Boom! right at the end. You will feel super good about yourself – just like Rick Ross feels when he puts on a giant diamond encrusted medallion of himself.

Song : Salute Your Solution

Artist: The Raconteurs

#1 List Of Demands by Saul Williams – Nike – ‘My Better’

Our top pick from the Nike ad songs. Nike, we salute you.

Song : List Of Demands

Artist: Saul Williams