We’re The Millers Original Soundtrack

There is no official soundtrack released as of yet. If one is released, we will update the information here as soon as it becomes available.

Full list of songs from We’re The Millers

This is the complete list of songs from the movie. As opposed to the official score release, these are all of the commercial songs actually heard in the movie. Note that the songs below are NOT always available on the official soundtrack.

Song : Count It Off (feat. The Muscle Shoals Horns)

Artist: The Saturday Knights

Song : Problem

Artist: Natalia Kills

Song : Shake it Sleazy

Artist: Ronald J. Webb

Song : I’m A Man

Artist: Black Strobe

Song : Joined At The Hip

Artist: Jonathan Carroll

Song : Stroke Me

Artist: Mickey Avalon

Song : Wild Child

Artist: Juliet Simms

Song : Hustlin’

Artist: Rick Ross

Song : Put The Gun Down

Artist: ZZ Ward

Song : South Of The Border

Artist: Frank Sinatra

Song : Waterfalls

Artist: TLC

Song : Shakey Ground

Artist: Beck

Song : Werk Me

Artist: Hyper Crush

Song : Sweet Emotion

Artist: Aerosmith

Song : Officer of the Day

Artist: Wurlitzer Pipe Band

Song : I’ll Be There For You

Artist: The Rembrandts

We’re The Millers Trailer Songs

Song : Get It Poppin’ (featuring Nelly)

Artist: Fat Joe

Song : Stroke Me

Artist: Mickey Avalon

Song : Waterfalls

Artist: TLC