Turbo 2013

About the music in the movie Turbo

Turbo is out nationwide today. It’s the latest Dreamworks animated film about a snail, Turbo, who dreams of going fast. When a twist of fate sends him through a NOS tank, his dreams come true and he goes on to bigger, and faster, things. The voice casting for the film is pretty impressive. The lineup includes Ryan Reynolds (Turbo), as well as Paul Giamatti, Micheal Pena, Samuel L Jackson, Snoop Dogg and many more.

The music in the film is almost reminiscent of Fast And Furious soundtrack for kids. The hip-hop selections give it the street-racer feel. Among those are songs from V12, Pitbull and Snoop Dogg. To lighten things up a little, a few songs we’re tossed in the mix and will likely hit a chord with kids and parents alike. Songs from artists such as Run DMC, House of Pain, Tom Jones, Jackson 5 and Queen. The mix of songs goes together nicely and gives a nice tempo to the action scenes throughout the movie. When commercial songs aren’t heard, Henry Jackman’s original music fills in the gaps very nicely. The songs in Turbo were mostly safe choices, but this a kids movie so it is to be expected. All in all, a solid soundtrack for a fun family film.

The full song list from the movie is now available below.  Let us know what you think about the music used in Turbo in the comments!

Turbo Soundtrack

Turbo SoundtrackThere are 29 tracks on the DELUXE edition of the soundtrack. 16 of the songs are the original compositions of Henry Jackman. You also get 13 songs that were actually featured in the movie, but not all unfortunately.

Listen to the Turbo soundtrackListen to the Turbo Soundtrack

Download the Turbo 2 Soundtrack

Full list of songs heard in Turbo

This is the complete list of songs from the movie. As opposed to the official soundtrack release, these are all of the commercial songs actually heard in the movie. Please note that this list does not always contain original compositions. Also note that the songs below are NOT always available on the official soundtrack.

Song : It’s Tricky

Artist: Run-DMC

First song that plays out of Turbo involuntarily

Song : What’s New Pussycat?

Artist: Tom Jones

Second song that plays out of Turbo

Song : Nochecitas Mexicanas

Artist: Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

Third song that comes out of Turbo

Song : Drop It Like It’s Hot (Radio Edit)

Artist: Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Williams

Fourth song heard out of Turbo involuntarily

Song : Krazy (feat. Lil Jon) Spanish Version

Artist: Pitbull

Playing in the Taco Truck as Tito brings Turbo to the snail race

Song : Jump Around

Artist: House Of Pain

Race to the top of the star

Song : We Are The Champions

Artist: Queen

Tito tries to convince the others to raise 20k for the Indy 500

Song : Goin’ Back to Indiana

Artist: Jackson 5

Play in the Taco Truck on the way to the Indy 500

Song : Speedin’

Artist: Classic

Turbo shows off his speed upon arriving

Song : The Snail Is Fast

Artist: V12 & Nomadik

The video of Turbo goes viral

Song : Here We Come

Artist: V12 & Classic

Playing in the Taco Truck as they drive onto the track before the big race

Song : Sailing

Artist: Christopher Cross

First song that comes out of Turbo as he tries to motivate himself for the race

Song : N.W.O.

Artist: Ministry

Second song Turbo plays while trying to get focused for the race

Song : Eye of the Tiger / Holler If Ya Hear Me

Artist: Survivor / 2PAC

Playing during the Indy 500 as Turbo makes his way to the front of the pack

Song : Saturday Night

Artist: Ozomatli

Snail racing

Song : Let the Bass Go

Artist: Snoop Dogg

End credits