The Internship Songs

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up again this summer for this comedy which will be out on June 7th. The two find themselves competing for an internship at Google after having been let go at their previous jobs. While we’re not expecting any Oscar nominations, we still hope to hear a few good songs. The trailers had a couple of nice tracks but we’ll have to wait and see about the movie. UPDATE: As expected, no oscars to be handed out here but a few nice songs in the movie as well. You eill find the full list of songs heard in the movie below.



The Internship Soundtrack

Original The Internship soundtrack

There is no original soundtrack set for release for the film. If there is one that is released, we will update the soundtrack info here.

Complete Song list from The Internship

Music in The Internship

These are the songs that were featured in the movie:

Song : Ironic

Artist: Alanis Morissette

Song : Fieldhouse

Artist: Jim Roach

Song : Jade

Artist: Eric Speier

Song : So Good

Artist: B.o.B

Song : NFL on Fox Theme


Song : Jump Around

Artist: House Of Pain

Song : Chillin

Artist: Wale & Lady Gaga

Song : Roll The Dice

Artist: The Cataracs

Song : Fill Up My Cup

Artist: Nutso Bonkers

Song : Top of the World (feat. Dev)

Artist: The Cataracs

Song : Let’s Go (feat. Ne-Yo)

Artist: Calvin Harris

Song : On The Floor

Artist: Electrolightz

Song : Body Work

Artist: Kresado

Song : Hot Thing (feat. A$AP Rocky)

Artist: Usher

Song : Twerkin Outrageous

Artist: Quincy Kwalae

Song : F**k U Betta (DJ Chuckie Club Remix)

Artist: Neon Hitch

Song : Wild Ones (feat. Sia)

Artist: Flo Rida

Song : Tideland

Artist: Jim Roach

Song : The Whip

Artist: Locksley

Song : Low Rider

Artist: WAR

Song : Filthy Halls

Artist: Apple Horse

Song : Try It Again

Artist: The Hives

Song : Flashdance…What A Feeling

Artist: Irene Cara

Song : Hot Stuff

Artist: Dirty Dirty

The Internship Trailer Songs

The Internship – Trailer #2

Trailer #2 also prominently features 2 songs. The first is the same as in trailer 1 “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. The second song, “Are you ready for this” is also featured in the first trailer. You can find the song here. The third and final song in the trailer is “Try It Again” by The Hives

Song : Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

0:03 – 0:28

Song : Are You Ready For This – JM Mix

Artist: Josh Mobley feat. Chris Morton

0:33 – 1:08

Song : Try It Again

Artist: The Hives

1:12 – 2:29

The Internship Trailer Songs – Trailer #1

The first trailer for The Internship starts off with the song “Thirft Shop” by Mackelmore. The second song is a catalog song that a few have asked about called “Are you ready for this”. Finally, the trailer finished off with some good old Guns N’ Roses with “Paradise City”.

Song : Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

0:07 – 0:29

Song : Are You Ready For This – JM Mix

Artist: Josh Mobley feat. Chris Morton

0:56 – 1:14

Song : Paradise City

Artist: Guns N’ Roses

0:43 – 1:05