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The Hangover 2 Songs 2013

The third and final installment of The Hangover comes to theatres this summer. To usher in the final chapter, the first trailers have featured a few songs by some Hangover staples, such as Wolf Mother and Kanye West. Below you will find a complete list of songs from the movie, official Hangover 3 soundtrack information and trailer song info as well.





The Hangover 3 Soundtrack

Original Hangover Part III soundtrack

Hangover Part 3 SoundtrackThe original soundtrack only features 10 songs featured in the film. That’s a little less than half of the songs that were actually featured in the film. You can see the track list for the official soundtrack by checking the link below.

Preview Hangover 3 SoundtrackPreview the official Hangover Part III Soundtrack

Download the Hangover 3 soundtrack



Complete Song list from The Hangover Part 3

Music from The Hangover 3

Below is the full list of songs heard in the movie The Hangover 3. The songs are those featured in the movie and are not always available on the official soundtrack release.

Song : MMMBop

Artist: Hanson

Playing in the car while Alan is driving on the highway with the giraffe.

Song : My Life

Artist: Billy Joel

Alan puts on the headphones after arguing with his dad.

Song : Ave Maria

Artist: Fletcher Sheridan

Alan sings at the funeral.

Song : Everybody’s Talkin’

Artist: Harry Nilsson

In the car driving to the

Song : The Girl From Ipanema

Artist: Billy Strange

Song : Evil Ways

Artist: Santana

Playing in the car after Alan receives a text from Chow telling him to meet in Tijuana.

Song : Down In Mexico

Artist: The Coasters

The guys drive into Mexico

Song : Mas Tequila

Artist: Jason Ruder and Nestor Miguel Gonzalez

Playing in the background as Alan and Chow are sitting on the bench.

Song : Hurt

Artist: Ken Jeong

Chow sings karaoke in Mexico

Song : La Camioneta Gris

Artist: Los Huracanes Del Norte

Playing in the bar after Chow sings.

Song : Mother

Artist: Danzig

The guys drive to Vegas. Arial scenes of the city.

Song : The Stranger

Artist: Billy Joel

Alan and Cassandra share the lollipop (whistling).

Song : F**kin’ Problems (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)

Artist: A$AP Rocky

Playing in the suite when Chow is out on the balcony.

Song : N.I.B.

Artist: Black Sabbath

Alan and Phil walk into Chow’s penthouse suite at Ceasar’s Palace

Song : I Believe I Can Fly

Artist: Ken Jeong

Chow singing as he parachute’s down.

Song : Hurt

Artist: Nine Inch Nails

After saving Doug, Alan fake handshake’s chow and they leave in the limo.

Song : Dark Fantasy

Artist: Kanye West

Alan and the guys walk out and we see flashbacks of the previous films

Song : Fever

Artist: The Cramps

Song : In The Air Tonight

Artist: Phil Collins

End credits


The Hangover 3 Trailer Songs

The Hangover 3 – Trailer #2

The second trailer for The Hangover 3 brings back “Apple Tree” by Wolfmother which was also featured in the first trailer. Also added into the mix is “Runaway” by Kanye West and another Wolfmother song, Joker & The Thief.

Song : Runaway (feat. Pusha T)

Artist: Kanye West & Pusha T

0:01 – 0:32

Song : Apple Tree

Artist: Wolfmother

0:43 – 1:05

Song : Joker and The Thief

Artist: Wolfmother

1:08 – 2:25

The Hangover 3 Trailer Songs – Trailer #1

The first trailer for Hangover 3 brought back the band that was also featured in the Hangover 2 trailer: Wolfmother. This time, the song “Apple Tree” sets the tone for this frist trailer of the much awaited film. Special mention goes out to Alan and his rendition of Ave Maria.:

Song : Apple Tree

Artist: Wolfmother