Song : Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Artist: Emily Browning

Opening scenes – Babydoll at the house fighting with her stepfather. Shoots her sisters.

Song : Where Is My Mind? (feat. Emily Browning)

Artist: Yoav

Song plays as Baby Doll checks into the hospital. Montage of scenes of her in the hospital.

Song : Asleep

Artist: Emily Browning

The girls are in bed and they can hear Baby Doll crying.

Song : Requiem in D minor, K. 626: I. Introitus: Requiem Aeternam

Artist: Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Classical song playing on the radio in the kitchen when Rocket and the chef get into a fight over the chocolate.

Song : Army Of Me

Artist: Björk

First dance scene when Baby Doll is in the dream world and she walks up to the doors of the temple. Baby Doll fights the 3 ‘monsters’ and destroys the temple.

Song : White Rabbit

Artist: Emilíana Torrini

Baby Doll dances so the others can go after the map. Plays during the war scene fights.

Song : I Want It All / We Will Rock You Mash-Up (feat. Armageddon aka Geddy)

Artist: Queen

The Mayor arrives and Blue offers him a cigar.

Song : Search And Destroy

Artist: Skunk Anansie

Song playing when Baby Doll dances for the mayor and also plays in the scenes to get fire.

Song : Stabat Mater: Quando Corpus Morietur

Artist: Cologne Concert Orchestra

Classical song playing in the kitchen while the girls are peeling potatoes.

Song : Tomorrow Never Knows

Artist: Carla Azar & Alison Mosshart

Song that plays while Baby Doll dances for the chef. Playing in the scenes when the girls try to deactivate the bomb on the train.

Song : Army Of Me

Artist: Bjork feat Skunk Anansie

Baby Doll tells Sweet Pea to go on without her.

Song : Love Is The Drug

Artist: Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac

End Credits