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About the music in Planes

Out this weekend is Disney’s latest animated film, Planes. The story of Dusty Crophopper and his dream to race around the world against the best race planes from all corners of the globe. Of course, Dusty is the underdog being that he is just a cropduster and is afraid of heights.

Musically, the film is mostly carried by the original music by Marc Mancina. The original score works nicely and must have been an interesting challenge as there are music influences from different parts of the world. The commercial tracks used in the film were a little less inspired. A selection of little known songs with no obvious connection between them.

It seemed like there were so many possibilities to make this soundtrack stand out even more. There were a few nice selections nonetheless including the opening song by Mark Holman and the indian song featured while Dusty and Ishani fly over the Taj Mahal (unfortunately not released however). But overall, we were hoping for more.

The full song list from the movie is now available below.  Let us know what you think about the music used in Planes in the comments!

Planes Soundtrack

planes-soundtrack-2013The soundtrack features a total of 29 tracks. Most of the tracks are the original songs by Marc Mancina. There are a few commercial songs from the film while others are noticeably missing.

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List of songs heard in Planes

Below you will find the complete list of songs from the movie Planes. Note that these are mostly the commercial songs actually heard in the movie. This list does not always contain original compositions. Also note that the songs below are NOT always available on the official soundtrack.

Song : Nothing Can Stop Me Now

Artist: Mark Holman

Opening scenes, Dusty daydreaming about flying with 2 fighter planes.

Song : You don’t Stop – NYC

Artist: Chris Classic & Alana D

Dusty arrives in New York City. Scenes of him flying accross the skyline and looking for a place to land.

Song : The Girl From Ipanema

Artist: Bobbi Page

Song playing the hangar in Iceland. Dusty arrives as the other planes are staying warm around the fire.

Song : Ein Crop Duster Can Race

Artist: Dave Wittenberg

Song playing in the bar at the stop in Germany.

Song : Fly

Artist: Jon Stevens

Plays a few times during the movie. First heard when Dusty gets his crop equipment removesd (stage 3 of the race) and again as he flies over China

Song : Tera Bina

Artist: A.R. Rahman, Murtuza Khan, Quadir Khan & Chinmayee

Dusty and Ishani fly over the Taj Mahal.

Song : Love Machine

Artist: Carlos Alazraqui & Antonio Sol

El Chupacabra sings his love song to Rochelle

Song : Anchors Aweigh

Artist: Charles Zimmerman

Marching band song playing on the carrier.