Fright Night Songs 2011









Song : Blank Sabbath

Artist: Brian De Mercia

Song : Bad Bad Love

Artist: Alexander

Song : Pumped Up Kicks

Artist: Foster The People

Song : Lokdown

Artist: Christopher Lennertz and Zachary Ryan

Song : Velvet Coat

Artist: Ceramic

Song : The Shadow

Artist: Figure & Groove

Song : Cough Syrup

Artist: Young The Giant

Song : The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Artist: TV Theme Players

Song : Agogo

Artist: Aaron R. Kaplan and Harold B. Sanders III

Song : Bring Up The Bass

Artist: Tom Torhan

Song : Take 15

Artist: Aaron R. Kaplan and Harold B. Sanders III

Song : Pop It Up

Artist: Chuck Lovejoy

Song : Dark Destiny

Artist: Henning Lohner, Uwe Boll, Jason Burnett

Song : Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)

Artist: Kid Cudi, MGMT & Ratatat

Song : Letting Go (feat. Sarah Green)

Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Song : Don’t Fade Away (Choir & Orchestra)

Artist: Sebastian Morawietz

Song : I Was Once A Glass Of Tang

Artist: Jon Von Letscher

Song : Restless

Artist: Unkle featuring Josh Homme

Song : I’m A Man

Artist: The Blue Van

Song : 99 Problems

Artist: Hugo

Song : No One Believes Me

Artist: Kid Cudi

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