Fast & Furious 6 Songs 2013

Fast & Furious 6 broke records this past memorial weekend bringing much of the original adrenaline to a franchise that has had it’s ups and downs. The soundtrack for Fast and Furious 6 follows maybe one of the most successful soundtracks in the history of the franchise, the one for Fast Five. That soundtrack served as a launching pad for one of that summer’s biggest hits: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar. Below you will find the link to the official soundtrack as well as all of the songs actually heard during the movie along with scene descriptions. Enjoy!



Fast & Furious 6 Soundtrack

Original Fast and Furious 6 soundtrack

Fast Furious 6 SoundtrackThe original soundtrack features most of the songs featured in the film. For the full list of songs with scene descriptions, see the list below.

Preview Fast and Furious 6 SoundtrackPreview the Fast And Furious 6 Soundtrack Soundtrack

Download the Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack



Complete Song list from Fast & Furious 6

Music from Fast & Furious 6

The following is the list of songs in Fast and Furious 6. Most of the songs below are featured in the official soundtrack release however, note that not all songs always appear on the original soundtrack. The list does not include original music, which there is quite a bit of.

Song : We Own It (Fast & Furious)

Artist: 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa

First song in the movie, plays during the opening credits / scenes from past films

Song : Ball (feat. Lil Wayne)

Artist: T.I.

Roman on the plane with the girls talking about Macau. Plays again when he turns the plane around.

Song : Con Locura (feat. Jiggy Drama)

Artist: Sua, Jiggy Drama

Tej at the ATM by his Ferrari

Song : HK Superstar (feat. Daniel Wu)

Artist: MC Jin

Han and Gisèle in Hong Kong talking about settling down.

Song : True Fiction

Artist: Euphon

Song : Failbait (feat. Cypress Hill)

Artist: deadmau5

Arial shots of London as Hobbs and Tej go looking for new cars.

Song : Bada Bing

Artist: Benny Banks

Playing when Dom and Briand enter the gun shop looking for info about the bullet.

Song : Burst! (Bart B More Remix)

Artist: Peaches

Song : Mister Chicken

Artist: Deluxe

Song : Roll It Up

Artist: The Crystal Method

Dom arrives at the street racing gathering – girls dancing.

Song : Here We Go

Artist: Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes

Dom spots Letty as they get ready to race eachother.

Song : Here We Go / Quasar (Hybrid Remix)

Artist: Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes

Dom and Letty race through the streets of London.

Song : Bandoleros

Artist: Don Omar & Tego Calderón

The whole gang back at the original house

Song : Rest of My Life (feat. Usher & David Guetta)

Artist: Ludacris

End credits song


Fast and Furious 6 Trailer Songs

Fast and Furious 6 – Trailer #1

The first trailer, which was originally released during the Superbowl, features the song “Fast Lane” by Bad Meets Evil that also features Eminem and Royce Da 5’9. Here is the theatrical release of the trailer.

Song : Fast Lane

Artist: Bad Meets Evil