2 Guns 2013About the music in 2 Guns

The music in 2 Guns is mostly comprised of the original soundtrack for the film composed by Clinton Shorter. It sets the pace of the film and there are very few commercial tracks. The only notable song in the movie is Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”.

Below you will find both the original soundtrack from Clinton Shorter and the list of other songs heard in the movie.



2 Guns Original Soundtrack

2-guns-soundtrack-2013The soundtrack counts 17 songs by composer Clinton Shorter. This original music is heard throughout the film.

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Full list of songs from 2 Guns

This is the list of songs from the movie 2 Guns. The official 2 Guns soundtrack does not feature these songs, only original music. Therefore the songs below are not available on the official soundtrack.

Song : Al Fin

Artist: Judith De Los Santos Romero

Song : Divorciada


Song : Sacrifice


Song : Entregate (as Heard On Law & Order: CI)

Artist: Matt Hirt & Francisco Rodriguez

Song : Crazy Things

Artist: Nicholas Aqua Mccarrell, Feat. Niki Darling

Song : Mi Corazón Mi Amor


Song : All Along The Watchtower

Artist: Bob Dylan